What Is Integrative Alexander Technique?

Integrative Alexander Technique is a learning process that you can consciously draw upon—whenever you wish—to improve your performance of any activity. Essentially, it’s about refining how you do what you do.

Integrative Alexander Technique starts with your curiosity, interests, and wishes.

During a course of lessons, you can expect to learn practical skills for thinking clearly about your coordination within the activities of your choice. These skills include analyzing your movement (What exactly am I doing?), recognizing moments of choice (What could I be doing differently?), creating specific, constructive plans (How do I really want to perform this activity?), and consciously carrying out these plans. The whole process is designed to be practical and immediately useful, supporting your exploration of the activities that you care about.

It teaches you how to cooperate with your natural human coordination and design.

By cooperating with your own unique structure, you can move as you intend, using the appropriate amount of effort for an activity. The result? Better performance, more enjoyment, enhanced creativity. If your movement patterns are creating stiffness and pain, then restoring and maintaining your natural coordination also brings greater flexibility and reduces discomfort.

It emphasizes that each of us is whole.

Integrative Alexander Technique invites you to say “Yes!” to your whole self. After all, your social and environmental circumstances, cognition, emotion, and physical structures all interact and intermingle as parts of a unified system, no matter what you are doing. You move best when you move whole.

In practice, our emphasis on wholeness means

We believe in the quality of your design

Your needs drive the educational process

Our teaching studios are playgrounds for exploration

Our lessons are yes–driven: yes, this is what you are doing; yes, you have more choices

We teach you to use Integrative Alexander Technique immediately

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